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I’ve finally managed to work out the best way to bookmark using Diigo. For those who don’t know what social bookmarking is – it’s the technological way to share resources with people by uploading to the same site. We have so many people finding fantastic sites and resources for our use as teachers, that I really wanted to share my ‘toolbelt’ with everyone. So I tried to do that, but kept failing in my attempts the last couple of weeks.

I’ve been using the Diigo toolbar and just clicking on the bookmark link, but it confuses me with a box that I have no way of sending the bookmark or knowing that it has been sent. This morning, I got on to my computer as soon as I woke up (I can’t believe I actually was awake enough to work it out!), and realised that the best thing to do was to go into the Diigo link and upload my files to the EDC3100 group from there! Daah! I’ve been confusing bookmarking for myself with bookmarking to everyone else – I think?

A great site that I have looked at was in my daily email from Gizmo’s Freeware and is called Instagrok. I shared this with the EDC3100 group today by bookmarking it, I hope…

Anyhow, I’m sure learning a lot through mistakes, which is good. It’s a pity that it takes so much time though…

Plant a smile on your dial and see it grow when you sow!


Animation courtesy of Dainsyng.

2 thoughts on “Diigo Social Bookmarking

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  2. Hi Michelle,
    Oh wow… I just explored the ‘instaGrok’ link you have in this blog post. What a fantastic teaching and learning resource and so versatile. The students I work with often find it very difficult to refine their web searches when researching new topics. This tool has the ability to lessen the amount of time it takes to find a resource and gives lots of options to other resources too…
    I can’t wait to share this at school tomorrow

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